Research & Development

Consisting of a large team of qualified professionals with extensive experience, the research and development department prioritizes the sharing of experiences and knowledge.

The R&D team directs its resources to improving existing solutions and to creating new equipment and tools that can provide a clear value addition to all professionals in the sector. The needs, difficulties and challenges existing in the professional sector, regardless of the type of business and geographic location, are the fundamental principles for this important pillar of the company.

Innovations in manufacturing processes, enabling the optimization of time and effort in favour of tasks and professionals, equipment customization based on customer specificities, business profitability, and an increased value to the end consumer, are the principles that lead the R&D team and enable Ferneto to offer the best solutions to its customers.

The survey and gathering of information are done through inputs that come in direct contact and involvement with the market. The interdepartmental proximity between research and development, technical service and sales teams allows a crossing of comprehensive information and a conception of integrated and real diagnostics, which favour and promote objective decision-making and appropriate added-value propositions.

The organization's focus on this important global context, intensively sustained, requires that the degree of demand for the market and for us as a company, gradually increase the overall customer satisfaction, as we grow and make grow.